West Coast Trail Runs

West Coast Trail Runs is a trail racing company based out of Northern California. Our courses are located in beautiful scenic parks, providing breath-taking views and an experience in nature that will captivate your spirit and revitalize your soul. Our mission is to provide a well-organized, quality event at an affordable price. We take pride in providing a fun-filled experience with clearly marked courses, well stocked aid stations every 3-4 miles, and an upbeat, friendly, and encouraging group of participants and staff . West Coast Trail Runs welcomes and encourages runners and walkers of all ages and abilities.

Upcoming Races

West Coast 50K
West Coast 25K/50K


Razorback 6hr/12hr/24hr/100 mile
April 22-23, 2017


Coyote Lake
Coyote Lake Trail Run
Date TBD


HOT DAM Trail Run
HOT DAM Trail Run
Date TBD


Holiday Hustle
Holiday Hustle 2M/10K/Half/Full
November 18, 2017


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